ManCakes Bakery 288 Robson Street, Vancouver
  1. Your choice of 6 mini ManCakes:,
    • "Bacon Chili Chocoate", chocolate base, ancho chili chocolate, ganache filling, vanilla buttercream icing, crumbled bacon
    • "Apple Brie", spice base, sweet apple cider jelly filling, brie buttercream icing, crushed pretzel brittle
    • "Breakfast", vanilla base, smoked bacon & egg custard filling, maple syrup buttercream icing, crispy granola crunch
    • "Buffalo Wing", spice base, baked blue cheese cheesecake mousse, hot sauce infused buttercream icing, crispy chicken crumbles
    • "Chocolate Red Wine", chocolate base, mascarpone mousse filling, port cherry red wine infused buttercream icing, dark chocolate disc with a red wine gelee
    • "King Kong", chocolate base, banana cream filling, espresso infused marshmallow, chocolate shavings
    • "Pink Peppercorn Grapefruit", vanilla base, blood orange & pink grapefruit filling, vanilla buttercream icing, french macaroon & ground pink peppercorn
    • "Rum & Coke", vanilla base, coke cream filling, rum infused buttercream icing, crushed coke, candy topping
    • "Tequila Pineapple", spice based, pineapple cream filling, tequila infused buttercream icing, toasted coconut shavings
    • "Whiskey Lime", spice based, whiskey infused chocolate ganache filling, white chocolate lime icing, lime sugar topping
  2. Your choice of 2 hot beverages below:,
    • "49th Parallel", medium roast
    • "Death Wish", the only place in Vancouver to try the world’s STRONGEST dark roast coffee. 200% stronger than any other dark roast on the market!
    • "Teapigs", hailing from the UK, the tea capital of the world, the only place in Vancouver to get it!
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ManCakes Madness Reviews

It’s really hard to say, it’s just that the flavours paired so well with one another, banana cream, espresso and chocolate. Perfect. Continue Reading →
Overall, the cupcakes were very moist. And I do mean moist, especially the Bacon Chili Chocolate. Continue Reading →
I loved both of the feature flavours [the Chicago and the Guinness] and they were my top favourites. Continue Reading →
The slight tartness in the red wine has a similar effect of pairing raspberry sauce with chocolate. Continue Reading →
The Mancakes Bakery in Yaletown has one goal: to provide the best, most interesting cupcakes in Vancouver! Continue Reading →
At a relatively low price point, this cupcake package is a wonderful deal for those looking for a light tea or snack. Continue Reading →
I have been to many cupcake shops in Greater Vancouver but ManCakes Bakery definitely hits the spot with their amazing and creative cupcake flavours! Continue Reading →
What seemed to be quite unique to the Mancakes were that they had filling in them! Continue Reading →
If you’re looking for some unique flavors, this is definitely the place to try out. I can’t wait to try the rest of the flavors. Continue Reading →
This [Pink Peppercorn Grapefruit] cupcake had the most going on – sweet, spicy, crunchy, and creamy! Continue Reading →
You probably guessed from the title, but if you still haven’t caught the buzz about ManCakes these ain’t your old lady’s frilly cutesy-wootsy Sallycakes. Continue Reading →