Saladworks 1025 Mainland Street, Vancouver

  • Your choice of any Carvery Salad:
    • "Grilled Chicken Caesar", free range chicken breast, parmesan cheese, focaccia croutons, home made crispy bacon bits, caesar dressing
    • "Grilled Napa Steak", marinated AAA Alberta Steak, grapes, tomatoes, red onions, sunflower seeds, balsamic dijon dressing
    • "Maple Glazed Salmon", grilled wild BC salmon, almonds, dried cranberries, roasted yams, sliced green apple, maple syrup glaze, balsamic vinaigrette dressing
    • "Grilled Malibu Chicken", free range lemon herb chicken, strawberries, grapes, sunflower seeds, avocado, shredded carrots, avocado vinaigrette dressing
    • "Asian Steak", marinated AAA Alberta Steak, marinated chowmein, matchstick carrots, edamame, snap peas, red onions, bean sprouts, seasame seeds, nori, sriracha mayo drizzle, nutty sesame dressing
    • "Grilled Tandoori Shrimp", artichoke hearts, chickpeas, dried okra, matchstick carrots, shredded red cabbage, buttermilk ranch dressing
    • "Grilled Mandarin Chicken", mandarin oranges, fresh cucumber, matchstick carrots, dried cranberries, avocado vinaigrette dressing
  • Your choice of any Gourmet Sandwich:
    • "Mediterranean Chicken", free range lemon-herb chicken, tzatziki, diced tomato, marinated red onions, feta cheese, olives
    • "Garlic Roasted Porchetta", oven roasted BC free range natural pork loin seasoned with herbs and garlic, sriracha mayo drizzle, pickled carrot, red onion and fennel, hot banana peppers
    • "Marinated Asian Steak", grilled AAA Alberta sirloin steak, matchstick carrots, red and green onions, sesame seeds, nori, nutty sesame dressing
    • "Spicy Cajun Chicken Ranch", ranch dressing, sriracha mayo, bacon, tomato
  • Your choice of 2:
    • Glasses of wine
    • Soups of the Day
    • Drinks (fountain, bottled or canned)

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They start cooking the steak as soon as you order, and it's sliced right off the grill onto your chosen salad. Continue Reading →
The range of ingredients and combinations in the Maple Glazed Salmon salad made for my favourite of the two dishes hands-down Continue Reading →
I loved how they grilled the bread to give it that roasted, barbequed flavour and the porchetta was really flavourful. Continue Reading →
Soup and the large salads with generous portions of the protein of your choice would have been more than enough, but then came the sandwiches! Continue Reading →
The salad itself was chock full of fresh ingredients and the salmon was grilled to perfection. Continue Reading →
The Porchetta Sandwich packs a punch with the peppers and there‚Äôs plenty of pork in this sandwich to please any meat eater. So consider me oinked. Continue Reading →
I was surprised by how much chicken was on this salad. It came with two full breasts that were marinated and had almost a Greek chicken flavour to it. Continue Reading →