Rajio Japanese Public House 3763 W. 10th Ave., Vancouver http://www.facebook.com/RajioJapanesePublicHouse
  1. Kushikatsu, Rajio's House SPECIALTY! Chef's recommendation of 4 deep fried, panko breaded, bite sized skewers + dipping sauce
  2. Bagna Cauda, fresh veggies with an incredible dipping sauce made from garlic, anchovy, olive oil and sweet Japanese white miso. A refreshing twist on an Italian classic and do not be fooled by the anchovies!
  3. VANEATS Sashimi Salad, Chef's omakase sashimi with crisp romaine lettuce tossed in kalamata olive soya dressing topped with tobiko
  4. Heavenly Ebi Ramen, BRAND NEW! Tender ramen in deep-golden shrimp broth, embellished with slices of cha-shu pork & shrimp infused garlic oil
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