Guanaco Food Truck Seymour St & Robson St, Vancouver

Gluten free meal

  1. Pasteles, deep fried maize pocket stuffed with beef/chicken, cheese and vegetables
  2. Yuca Frita, deep fried cassava root
  3. Pupusas, choose from 1 of 4:
    • Revueltas, seasoned pork with vegetables, cheese and savoury refried black beans
    • Queso Y Frijoles, savoury refried black beans, and a mixture of fresh and aged cheeses
    • Ayote, savoury refried black beans, cheese and zucchini
    • Pollo, seasoned chicken with vegetables, cheese and savoury refried black beans
  4. Bebidas, choose from 1 of 3:
    • Horchata, traditional beverage made of morro seeds, ground cocoa, cinnamon, sesame seeds, nutmeg, tigernuts and vanilla
    • Tarmarindo, chilled beverage made from the tropical tamarind fruit
    • Cebada, chilled beverage made from flavoured barley, coloured with crushed seeds
  5. Curtido, pickled slaw
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Guanacombo Reviews

My favorite part of the plate was definitely the Yuca Frita or deep fried cassava root. So different from your normal french fries, these deep fried sticks were so crispy with the cassava root thick and rich like squash. After the pupusa, I was already getting full but the Pastele could not be passed up. At only $9, I can think of no better way to sample some of El Salvador’s most popular culinary dishes. Continue Reading →
The Yuca Fritas are made of deep-fried cassava root. They are really crunchy and taste nothing like regular fries. Definitely something to try. Pasteles are deep-fried corn pocket stuffed with beef, cheese, and vegetables. I really liked it! Yummy flavours and it goes well with the sauce that accompanies this meal. Continue Reading →
The truck is currently located at Robson and Seymour and is currently offering “Guanacombo” , a $9 deal which consists of: Pasteles, Yuca Frita, Pupusas, Bebidas, and Curtido. El Salvadorian food is largely based on corn, so for those gluten-free eaters, this is an added bonus. Continue Reading →
First of all, you have a choice of beverages: Cebada, Horchata, and Tamarindo. I had a sample of Horchata and I found it rather similar to the black sesame milk tea that you order at a bubble tea place. In the end I chose Tamarindo, which is made from the tropical tamarind fruit. It was quite refreshing with a hint of sourness from tamarind. A nice summer drink. Continue Reading →
I was a little curious to see what this Tamarindo drink would taste like – if it would taste like these great Filipino style tamarind candies – and guess what? It completely did. It was so delicious and refreshing. For days after my drink, I was craving more of it. I might have to go back and satisfy this craving! Continue Reading →