To our fellow owners and managers of the food industry,

Do you have signature dishes that need more exposure? Have you ever considered using a video medium to capture the best and finest your restaurant has to offer? is a social media network of Vancouver's restaurants where users view your best selling, signature dishes via video. We offer HIGH DEFINITION, HIGH QUALITY productions that will leave a lasting impression of your restaurant on consumers. Not only do we distribute these videos to all major social networks like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter but also, the video is yours to keep and use at your discretion.

With the explosion of social media, we feel every restaurant should be using video to increase their EXPOSURE, VOLUME and REVENUE. This is why we recommend doing business with us:

  • to ENGAGE, ENLIGHTEN and EDUCATE your potential clients via videos
  • to COMPLIMENT your existing or traditional advertising (eg. promote your seasonal specialties or new menu launch)
  • to LEVERAGE the internet and market effectively inside social mediums
  • to DEVELOP and EMBED long term consumer loyalty and recognition through video branding

If you are looking for a solution to bring the EXPERIENCE, EMOTION and EXCITEMENT of your restaurant to Vancouver please contact us about our services, we are highly accessible! Thank you for taking the time and consideration; we welcome your response and feedback!

With warm hearts and hungry appetites,



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